Selling Real Estate tip #29

Selling Real Estate tip #29.  Before you list your home in the summer months, before you have your photo shoot and virtual tour filmed, PLEASE for love of mankind, PLEASE, take down your dangling icicle Christmas lights.  There is one house in every neighborhood that leaves there Christmas lights up all year around.  We all know where that house is in our own neighborhoods.  All your neighbors know too.  Everyone in the neighborhood talks about it, but never to the owners of the home.  So before you list,  think about first impressions and having your Christmas lights still up in the month of June is the wrong first impression.  Put yourself in the buyers shoes.  First impressions mean everything when you are sell your home.  Remember,  you only get one first impression.  Make it a “WOW this is a  great house” as oppose to “WOW this house still have their Christmas lights still up”.